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Why you should believe in pod

By October 4, 2022 No Comments
Andrew Montgomery - Why you should believe in podcast

Over the past few years, Appelberg’s English-language writer & editor Andrew Montgomery has hosted or co-hosted podcasts for several of our key customers. For example Seco Tools, Electrolux and Intrum. Below, Andrew tells us why podcasts are such an effective means of content marketing.

Why should companies consider podcasts as part of their content marketing?

For me, the best thing about podcasts is that they’re such a natural and effective way for a company to explain in clear and persuasive terms what it does, what it stands for or what it plans to do.

So, if you’re a company that wants to engage with your target audience, be it your customers, your employees (or potential employees), decision-makers or society at large, a podcast is an excellent approach.

What advantages do podcasts have?

In today’s information-rich world a podcast allows you to capture a listener’s undivided attention. They listen to your voice, your message and discover your company’s brand.

A podcast is an excellent way to establish your company as a thought leader in your business area. And, perhaps most persuasively, the number of podcast listeners in Sweden keeps rising…

In 2021, market and consumer data company Statista surveyed podcast consumption in 54 countries and found that Sweden had the most podcast consumers. Overall, 47% of Swedish respondents said that they had listened to a podcast in the preceding 12 months. The country had more than 1.6 million weekly podcast listeners as of August 2018. As of June 2022, P3 Dokumentär was the podcast which had most weekly listens in Sweden, by over one million Swedes.

What types of podcasts are there?

You could do a ‘live recorded’, one-to-one interview with a CEO, senior executive or specialist within your company about your results, your annual report or a current, newsworthy topic. 

You could feature a specific initiative or achievement by your company, with a mix of interviews and scripted remarks from a lead narrator. You could have it in a storytelling format led by a narrator, complemented by field recordings. You could do a thought leadership piece, by highlighting your response to or opinion on a specific issue. Or perhaps you may want to feature interviews with key personnel, partners or peers in your industry. A pod is also a good idea to use for internal communication within a company.

There’s no fixed approach or length to a podcast, except that it should be informative, informal and rich in content that speaks directly to each listener as an individual and presented in a way that holds the audience’s attention. If you’re doing a series of podcasts, perhaps 20 to 25 minutes per episode is a good idea, to hook the listener on a particular subject or question each time. It can work as a weekly, monthly or one off, although if you do one, you’re very likely going to want to do more.

Okay, how do I set up my own podcast?

It’s relatively quick and easy to set up a podcast. Appelberg will be happy to help you.

You’ll need a sound-proof (or at least very quiet) room or studio space that is equipped with a sound technician and podcast producer, plus experienced interviewer(s)/host in Swedish and/or English. There are several podcast recording softwares available, including Riverside, Restream and Buzzsprout.

You’ll need to get your product out there to your target audience(s). Appelberg gladly offers to help with your social media distribution. You’ll also need access to music library/music production, text titling and digital branding design.

And remember…

As you plan your podcast, you should identify your desired audience and the messages you want to reach them with (often these work best in thought leadership or human stories of, say, people and projects in your company).

A one-off podcast is a great way to introduce yourself, but a series of several podcasts can help to establish your brand and reach your audience. Once you’ve decided on a format, stick with it. Otherwise your podcast brand will be unclear, and that’ll affect the focus of your delivery.

Have a basic script to work from, but don’t over-script it! The last thing you want is for you and your guests to sound like they’re reading something out word-for-word. It sounds really stiff and unconvincing: listeners will soon reach for the off switch.

Even industry big-hitters took some time to attract listeners, so instant legions of followers is rare. It’s a competitive field, and a series of podcasts will help you build up an audience over time. Online distribution is all-important! When creating a podcast you need to have a distribution strategy to back it up. It’s not enough to put it on your website with a post on LinkedIn and hope that it gets out there.

Most of all – try and have fun! If it’s a lively chat it will help to engage people’s attention.

Good luck!


Are you interested in starting a podcast?

My name is Andrew Montgomery and I can guide you through the process of starting your own business podcast.

You can contact me on [email protected] | +46 (0)70 980 06 17

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