The Dubai Road Express – a social media blockbuster about Scania trucker legends.

ABB’s heritage comes to life in this brand building film made from photos.


Lungrapporten – a PR masterpiece. Raised awareness means raised funds.

Employer branding made easy. Who doesn´t want to work for SAAB after this?

SAAB – a film about heritage and top notch technology.

How to attract world class talents and reduce acquisition costs.

Boliden – a visual business story drawn by hand (yes, it took a while).

Classic case studies with a twist, for Stora Designpriset.

Appelberg in Almedalen

How to make it in Almedalen – be prepared and partner up.

We made Kampen mot cancer the largest site about cancer in Sweden.

Recycling made beautiful – a mindful film about Scania’s next gen cab.

Simple, clear and logic – the playful redesign improved UX and boosted SEO.

180 brand building pages – this exclusive jubilee book was distributed worldwide.

Journalist for hire – boost your inhouse team with senior editorial consultants.

Gisys – a new digital identity.

Magasinet S

Smart cities, sustainable transport and future health care – Magazine S is your Swedish Content Award nominated crystal ball.

When digital entertainment is what you do – your annual report should be equally as thrilling.