Increase awareness about lung diseases and reach journalists, politicians and decision makers.


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“The report provides a comprehensive picture of the progress and challenges of research in the field of lung (pulmonary) disease.”

Ylva Carlsson
Project manager/Editor, Appelberg 

The Swedish foundation Hjärt-Lungfonden is a charitable organisation that raises funds and distributes money to heart, lung and vascular research. There are 1.9 million Swedes that are affected by lung diseases. Asthma is the most common of the diseases, with some 800,000 children and adults affected. About 50,000 of them have such severe asthma that it causes major problems in their everyday lives. In order to increase fundraising for research, Hjärt-Lungfonden wanted to increase awareness of the severity of the disease.


In order to increase awareness of lung diseases, the Lungrapporten was launched. The report provides a comprehensive picture of the progress and challenges of research in the field of lung (pulmonary) disease in Sweden. Appelberg is responsible for editorial project management and graphic design.

The editorial content of the Lungrapporten supports Hjärt-Lungfondens vision that more people will have longer and healthier lives, and this will be achieved through research. Research leads to better diagnostics, treatment and care.

The Lungrapporten is a printed bank of facts, but it is also used in many other areas of Hjärt-Lungfondens communications channels throughout the year, including PR and to create opinion. Primary target groups are journalists, politicians and decision makers at different levels.


The media impact was high when the report was launched in May 2017. Hjärt-Lungfondens Secretary General Kristina Sparreljung participated on morning broadcasts on Swedish television, including the national public service broadcaster SVT, and TV4. Several other media also reported on highlights from the report.

By making more people aware of the importance of research, the chances are greater that Hjärt-Lungfonden can increase funding. In doing so, more lives can be saved.

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