Provide Scanias digital editorial team with a specialist to work with all their online channels on a daily basis


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”Together with our own experienced colleagues, the consultant is an excellent complement that elevates and optimises our communication for target groups and channels. The combination of experience, business know-how and being on site is an important strength for us.”

Ann-Helen Tolleman
Editor-in-chief, online channels, Scania Group

Scania is a world-leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a strategy to drive the shift towards sustainable transport. In the fiercely competitive environment in which the company operates, communication is key. In order to reach its target audience and continue to build a strong brand, the company must have a consistent message that can be optimised for different target groups and channels. As effective online communication requires a fast pace, Scania took the strategic decision to add a consultant from Appelberg to its communications organisation – someone who contributes with innovation, an outside-in perspective and specialised competence.


With a web editor from Appelberg working on a daily basis with Scania Group’s different channels, the company creates new opportunities for its communication. The combination of internal and external competence creates a communicative edge that is enhanced by the fact that the consultant is working on site at Scania’s headquarters in Södertälje, south of Stockholm. Having a consultant integrated within the team creates a deeper understanding of the business, organisation and products. Frequent feedback meetings decrease the risk for misunderstandings, and the consultant is able to contribute specialised knowledge already at the brainstorming and pre-project meeting stages.

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