T-Time magazine strengthens the brand of Trelleborg, helps build long-lasting relationships with the target groups and is a tool for the company’s sales and marketing staff to increase sales.


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“We help Trelleborg share its amazing stories.”

Petra Lodén
Project manager/Editor, Appelberg 


The products and solutions supplied by Trelleborg seal, damp and protect many things you take for granted. Many of them are small and usually not visible, but they make a big difference; Products which make a tunnel in Hong Kong waterproof, products that produce prosthetic devices that help patients have an active life or help pipes withstand earthquakes in New Zealand. These are examples of amazing stories we help Trelleborg share.


Transform business cases to great storytelling that triggers the readers’ interest and gives them a chance to expand their knowledge about applications you see all around you, everywhere you are.


The cooperation between Trelleborg and Appelberg goes back many years, to the beginning of 2000s. It began with a print magazine and has developed into content for many different communication channels. T-time readers often spontaneously contact the editorial board to tell them how much they appreciate the stories.

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