We tell brand stories and create a better conversation in whatever the channel.

Social media

Social media creates engagement. A smart strategy with good content is effectful. That’s why we love SOME. We can help you with everything from strategy, content, campaign and analysis to sponsoring and community management.


Film is a cornerstone within content marketing. Feelings are the key to engagement and nothing can stir those as a film. Strategy, creative concept, script, production and distribution – our film team knows it all – and then some.


Content is king, distribution is the ultimate emperor. You might produce quality content, but without proper distribution it might fail in reaching out and end up collecting digital dust. We know how to create a buzz with strategies for organic reach, and impressions.


Your webpage is the key to your corporate communication. We can tell your company’s story with the right UI/UX design, images, films and texts which engage and convert. Naturally everything is optimised.


Presentations are content too! Actually one of the most important channels when it comes to internal communication and sales. We would love to take a holistic approach (design and content) to your presentations whether they are PPT, Keynote or reports.


Newsletters give you the opportunity to send the right information, at the right time to a recipient you know wants to hear from you. Few other channels can customize content in such a cost effective way. We know strategy, content production, send-outs, analysis and optimising.

Customer magazine

Customer magazines create a hard-to-beat content experience and builds loyal relations. Our editors and art directs can help you with strategy, creative concepts, design and content production.


A podcast gives you a lot of time together with your target audience and an opportunity to dig deeper in interesting topics. If you have relevant things to tell, come to us and we’ll talk pod – target, target group, concept, script, production and distribution.

Annual Reports

IR and reports have gone from being boring disputations to channels for engaging stories in creative formats. We create annual reports, quarterly-, sustainability- and research reports with storytelling as a basis, packaged as magazines, books, films and pods.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation isn’t just a system – it requires its content producer. We know hot to create content to all parts of your customer journey and throughout the customer life cycle. Together we make sales, marketing and communications work with each other.

Content Specialist for Hire

An inhouse editorial team is a way to organize yourself that mimics the ways an editorial office works. We have helped several customers setting up an inhouse editorial team, to lead it and to support it with creative ideas, temporary resources, cutting edge competence and ongoing production. Read an example from Scania by clicking here.