This is Appelberg

Content marketing is communication that builds relationships and tells a story. It also happens to be what we do best. Everyone and everything has a story to tell and, depending on what you want to say, our job is to find that story and to distribute it through channels where it will reach your target groups. Together, we’ll create a conversation with your target groups and develop the relationship, so that you can become the supplier that they depend on and go to first.

How we work


Everything we do is based on a thorough understanding of how your brand, content and target group fit together. Unlike advertising, our starting point is always the needs of the target group, rather than the product or service that you want to sell. We help you to reach out with your story, clearly and effectively. And this gets results.

Appelberg takes a multi-step approach, with the first step being both developing a clear picture of your communication needs and working out a strategy. The next step is producing content that is relevant to the people with whom you want to communicate. Depending on the best fit, this could take the form of a customer magazine, a podcast, an annual report or an infographic. We’ll know the answer to this after we’ve done our initial home work on you. Once we’ve produced the content and distributed it to the target group, it’s time for next step – following up. Measuring and evaluation are important tools for ensuring that you’re reaching the right people in the best possible way, and also for doing an even better job in future.

A large part of what we do is also distributing your stories and getting your communications channels to work together. Content marketing allows you to own and control your place in the media flow, rather than buying it or borrowing it. At Appelberg, we’re experts at creating this place.